Friday, June 18, 2010

My Labor Story Abridged

It’s my birthday I can blog if I want to.

Greetings friends,

I turn twenty-two years old at approximately 3 pm central standard time today. Currently, I’m gliding back to Chicago on an Amtrak train; we are approaching the station (I only have about five minutes to spit out a blurb before I am no longer able to say I’m on the train…and I really want this blog to be genuine. Inevitably though, by the time I actually post this, I will have already excited the train and train station, making the content of this blog archaic). If only I had Wi-Fi EVERYWHERE I go.

Searching my mind for a story with spirit…nothing jumps out immediately. Perhaps I should share a short anecdote about the day I was born. This is approximately (but not really) how my mother tells the story:

She was in labor. She knew I was kicking and screaming to make my way into this world---I had apparently had it with my nine month stint in her womb. My mom called her doctor June 18 1988 in the morning, but I guess he had the day off. Her doctor told her that the contractions probably didn’t mean that I would come that day---he said to wait on it and that I would come out later in the week. Plus, the doctor apparently had to mow his lawn (to this day I like mowing lawns…connection?).

Anyways, it is now midday June 18 1988 in this story. My mother and father rush to the hospital; my brother stays with our Aunt Pearl who conveniently lived next door to my parents at the time and welcomed the idea of babysitting seven year old Bill. I am still in the womb (though somehow typing on a blog twenty-two years later, reflecting on this day). From this point on, the story becomes a blur. I escape the womb and start screaming and feeling all gooey. A nurse holds me and presents me to my mom. I am still crying---maybe I smile a bit?---but I am free! Still, when my mother clutches me in her arms and rocks me back and forth, I know that I am loved. Thanks for putting up with incredible labor pains mom! And thanks for the care you will provide for me (remember it is still June 18, 1988).

This story is finished because I have arrived at Union Station in Chicago. I hope you enjoyed this little ramble from me to you.

Wishing you peace within and without today,


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