Friday, June 4, 2010

Where to Begin...

This blog, in a nutshell, is an opportunity to explore the various ways that spirituality enters our social realm. I am not looking to create a purely religious blog, though inevitably some of these postings will deal with organized religion. I do not claim to have all the answers to any one's problems, or to even claim to have any answers to any one's problems. This is not a self-help blog promising fulfillment in a constant following. Also, I do not want to commit to a particular ideology and stress a particular viewpoint. This is not to say that the blog will be purely objective at all times; this would be damn near impossible for anyone with an ounce of emotion.

What I do aim to provide in this blog are stories and articles that capture a positive spirit, a spirit that (or who) works actively in and between people of goodwill. Further, I want to share, when possible or relevant, insights from my own spiritual journey---one that is in the constant process of becoming.

Perhaps this blog will provide space on the web where you can feel good about the content you read; perhaps it will challenge your own beliefs or open your own mind and/or heart. Perhaps this blog will be useless and you will only read it once and then never ever come back again. Whatever the case, I hope that you have some feeling---positive or negative---toward this blog. For a life lived without a grain of self-reflection is hardly a life worth living. If I was forced to live a non-reflective life, I would fantasize about being a comfy Dell computer---or, better yet, a Mac Book Pro---sitting in a posh downtown retail store waiting to be bought and given at least some purpose.

As it is, I, like you, am a human being and consequently an evolving person. And---this is where you may or may not agree with me---I am a spiritual being with a desire to pursue and engage in the sacred, the interconnected but invisible reality that points all of us toward the infinite and great Mystery, the source of all life and our origin---what many people call God. If you would like to explore stories with spirit, you are invited. All are welcome.

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